Past Shows:

World-Renowned Flamenco Ensemble Debuts in NYC

Romantic. Passionate. Vibrant. Sexy. When flamenco speaks, people listen. A rare treat is this first-time visit of award-winning dancers and musicians from Córdoba, Spain. Let the artistry of "Festival Flamenco de Córdoba" take you away. Experience the magic and feel the fire of flamenco like never before. Beautifully costumed performers will dance and play to the visual and sonic delight of all. Directed by legendary guitarist Merengue de Córdoba, this performance features fandangos, soleá, bulerías, alegrías, taranto, guajira, seguiriya, and more. Let this magical journey transport you from Manhattan to Spain - in an instant!

Ensemble Cast

Principal Guitarist / Artistic Director
Merengue de Córdoba

Alberto Lucena

Antonio Alcázar
Victoria Palacios
Desirée Rodríguez “La Merenguita”
Ángeles Rodríguez “Coco Calero”
Ester María García
Rocío Lucena

Carmen García
Mariano Romero

Percussion & Vocals
José Manuel Prieto

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